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Why Us?

We know that when you’re selling your company, acquiring another or tendering for debt, you want a fair deal in a reasonable time.

How to prepare for, negotiate and execute these kinds of deals is often uncharted territory for owner/operators. That’s where we come in. We get you fully prepared for the buy/sell/debt deal and then lead you through the negotiations.

All of our competitors do this as well…and it isn’t enough! In fact, it’s only the cost of entry in our business.

What you need as much as anything else is somebody in your corner with tenacity, fully committed to your success and willing do whatever it takes to close your deal. We have earned a reputation for closing deals even when they are more difficult than anticipated and/or take longer than expected.

We actively foster the following qualities in our culture so that we can promise you a relentless commitment to close:

  • Empathy: Having empathy for the other side so that a we have a complete understanding of their needs and motivations as we plan and negotiate.
  • Creativity: Our ability to develop creative solutions when difficulties are encountered in the process.
  • Committed, not attached: Being committed to the close, but not having our creativity limited by being attached to how we get there.
  • Confidence: Having the confidence to stand our ground, when necessary, because of our deep market knowledge and our attention to detail.
  • Balancing patience/impatience: Our impatience to push relentlessly toward closing and our patience to get it done right.

Decades of practical experience and leading technical expertise mean that we get transactions completed, time after time after time.


Our experienced team can chart the best route across the full range of advisory services.