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Capital Markets

CCC Securities knows where to source capital to meet our clients’ needs, whether it’s growth capital, turnaround capital or something entirely different.

All financing activities are provided by our wholly owned subsidiary, CCC Securities Inc. CCC Securities is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer with the Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta Securities Commissions and the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan. CCC does not directly provide financing services.

The foundation for sourcing capital on the right terms is defining the right capital structure so it is critical to get it right the first time. Determining the right amount of debt and/or equity for today’s needs and tomorrow’s is a complex and difficult task. We can show you our proven record of helping our clients get it right the first time.

The right sources of capital are not always provided by third parties in the finance sector. Examining all aspects of a business, including its customer and supplier relationships, can uncover hidden sources of capital or free cash flow that may mitigate or reframe a company’s capital needs.